Friday, February 19, 2010

friday favorite no. 3

1. i want this series for my kitchen. my favorite part is that the series is titled "i love your utensils". delightful.

2. shabby apple is amazing for several reasons. one of these reasons is that the clothes are perfect for church. another reason is that they are modest. this dress is awesome because it's got a kick of sass.

3. there's been a lot going around about haiti lately, the help that they'll need to recover from the earthquakes and how we can help. the church of jesus christ of latter day saints has an amazing humanitarian program. they are organized, efficient and fast when it comes to providing things like hygiene kits, clothes, blankets, food and water to countries facing disasters much like haiti. here is the link for hygiene kits that you can assemble and send over to help someone who could use the comfort of a clean mouth at the end of the day. the directions and shipping address available here.

4. this pattern looks simple enough for my 2010 goal to learn how to sew something. now, i'm off to find some fabric that isn't cheesy.

5. ikea. do you know anyone who isn't in love with this store? my favorite stuff is often found in the kids section. seth has been in love with this chair ever since he first discovered it. his favorite thing to do? get inside, pull the shade all the day and find some willing parent or grandparent who'll spin him until he can't walk straight. maybe one day. . .

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Amber Marie said...

do you have that shabby apple dress? i've had my eye on it for a while. just wondering how it fit. i was thinking it would be a nice blessing day dress :)