Monday, February 22, 2010

a visit from great grandma and great granddad

great grandma helps seth put his oven mitts on. when dealing with hot pans it's a good idea to find oven mitts that go all the way to your arm pits. you can never be too safe! right, seth?

a three generation picture. for posterity.
(edited to add: that actually, it is a four generation picture. i forgot to count)

my grandparents came out to visit (my mom) from nebraska. it was so good to see them, because i tell you what, finding the money to get out there to visit and then managing to arrive all in one piece is a task that makes me quake in fear. so, we sat around and talked until my children wept with exhaustion and i was forced to take them home. it was fun. and now, more than ever, and despite the quaking, i am motivated to get my little family together and spend some happy time in nebraska.


Jessie said...

Lucky your kiddos get to know their g-grandparents! :) Awesome. And Nebraska isn't such a scary place. I suggest ordering pamphlets n' such from each state you might drive across. You'd be surprised at how many random things there are to stop and see!

Sally said...

Miriam, that's actually a FOUR generation picture. And I have a four-generation picture from when you were about Ava's age.

Morgan said...

That second picture is so precious. I've just got to mention to you, Miriam, that you are so pretty. I love your clothes- so cute! And I love your hair, too. It's gorgeous.